Gary Hume

  • Gary Stewart Hume
  • English Artist and part of the YBAs
  • Born in Kent, England in 1962

Gary Hume graduated from Goldsmiths in 1988 an his work was exhibited at both ‘Freeze’ and ‘East Country Yard’.

Hume is undoubtly the quietest of the group of young artists and says that he is happy to be out of the limelight.

“The most tedious thing is this whole ‘shocking’ shit,” he croaks. “Constantly. Like the only purpose of art is to shock the public. They try to make anything shocking that isn’t shocking at all, and if it isn’t shocking then it isn’t worth looking at, which is very disappointing, because I don’t do anything shocking.” said Gary Hume during an interview with Dominic Murphy from The Guardian.

Gary Humes paintings are done on sheets of aluminium with shiny gloss paint. Easy on the eye and wonderful to look at rather than being all about the ‘shock-tatics’ and trying to scare their audience. His works wouldn’t look out of place hung on a wall in a beautiful home.

I think that this makes his work more accessible to art lovers.

Humes most famous works are his door paintings as seen here. Gary Hume, along with Tracey Emin, were also asked to take part in a campaign by WWF (Worldwide Wildlife Fund). For which they were comissioned to do sculptures using the WWF panda donation boxes which would be auctioned off to help raise money for the cause. Gary Hume made this pretty-in-pink panda for the auction.