Damien Hirst

  • Damien Steven Hirst
  • 45 Years of Age
  • Specialises in painting, installations and conceptual art

Hirst is arguably the most well known of the young british artists and is currently worth around £215million due to his massive success.

Death is the central idea and theme to Hirst’s creations. This influence came from a placement in a mortuary whilst studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University in London.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, a 14-foot long Tiger Shark in a glass tank filled with formaldehyde, is one of Hirst’s most prominent works and projected him in further into the public eye when it was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in 1992. Charles Saatchi himself had commissioned the piece and later sold it to Steven A. Cohen in 2004.

During his second year at Goldsmiths, he organised the independent student exhibition, Freeze. This was not to be the big break that Damien had been waiting for.

2 years later, he joined forces with his friends Carl Freedman and Billee Sellman and organised two warehouse exhibitions, Modern Medicine and Gambler. The latter of which was attended by Charles Saatchi who fell in love with and bought Hirsts piece A Thousand Years. Saatchi and Hirst then worked very closely until the Momart storage warehouse fire in 2004 where 17 of Hirst’s works were destroyed along with much of the Saatchi Collection.

Here is an interview with Damien Hirst about his piece, A Thousand Years.